Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Items/Merch

Hello my bookish peoples! It’s Tuesday again, because I guess that’s how time works, which means another installment of Top Ten Tuesday. This week’s theme, perfectly timed for the holiday shopping season, is Bookish Items/Merchandise I’d Like to Own! I’m going to try and not list only bookish candles.
  1. Bookish candles inspired by Wax and Wayne from the Mistborn Era 2 books by Brandon Sanderson. If you haven’t read these books…well, my friend, go fix that immediately. There is a WOEFUL lack of Mistborn merch out there. I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting my own candle shop and you can bet your entire book collection that the first candles I offer will be Mistborn themed.
  2. Hermione’s Time Turner. I’d like a real one, but considering I live in a world sadly devoid of magic, I’ll settle for a replica.
  3. Basically everything in the In.The.Reads Etsy shop. I have a pretty serious collection of her woodmarks, but I want everything else. All of it. ALL OF IT!
  4. Green Dragon beer can glasses from Tookish Candle Company (designed by In.The.Reads). I technically already have one from the Bilbo’s gifts box from Tookish (y’all, Tookish is my most favorite bookish candle/merch shop. Casi is awesome and makes the most amazing candles), but I’d like one more so I can have a pair. Well, maybe I should order two more…you know, just in case one breaks or something. Casi has hinted that she’ll be working with In.The.Reads on different literary pub glasses in the future and I AM SO EXCITED!ygjxrkysxjk52
  5. Godric’s Hollow candle from Tookish Candle Company. I was a FOOL to not grab this candle last year when it was on sale. I’m hoping it comes around again this year (this is me virtually nudging Casi).
  6. A Hufflepuff clothing article that isn’t BRIGHT YELLOW. I know I am a Huffle, through and through, but yellow is my least favorite color.
  7. A Tak set. For those who haven’t read The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss (STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GO READ THEM NOW!), Tak is a strategy game played in the 2nd book of the series. I bought a Tak set from my old roommate, but since I no longer live with him I have been feeling the need for my own set.
  8. Elvish cloak. Y’ALL I NEED CLOAKS TO BE A FASHION THING! Like…they are perfect. They make you look mysterious AF, you can have a sorts of hidden pockets in there, and you can be all dramatic when leaving an awkward situation (just twirl away).
  9. TARDIS bookends…or any cool bookends to be honest. I just want some bookends because they are faaaaaancy. Not that I have any space on my bookshelves for bookends…
  10. And last, but certainly not least, I want a full replica of Andúril. I need a big, beautiful, badass sword in my life.
    Now that’s a sword.
Not gonna lie, I’m surprised I only had two bookish candles on this list. Because really, I just want all the bookish candles. Until next time, my wonderful bookish people, I wish you the best of days!

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Hi there! I'm Kibby, a 30ish year old book devourer, living in Northern California! When not reading I am writing about demon hunters, rewatching Great British Bake Off and Doctor Who too much, and lamenting over the lack of appreciation for Rogue One. I am also a #bookstagrammer under the IG handle of somethingofthebook.

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Items/Merch

  1. Ahahaha I agree with this list so strongly. First off YES I’m so sad I didn’t get Godric’s Hollow last year either *nudges Casi forcefully* and AMEN PLZ some non-yellow Huffle merch! And even just Huffle merch in general their clothes are always sold out first. And yes to Elvish cloaks. And YES Anduril I needddddd I want all the shiny LOTR swords and blades but first and foremost, Anduril

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  2. Oooh, that was dark sending people off to read the Rothfuss books. Yes, they are amazing but every time I see his name I find myself incredibly frustrated that he still hasn’t finished the next book… I read the second when it published. I’ve wasted years of my life waiting for the third….

    Maybe if I had a time turner I could lend it to him so he could actually get round to writing?


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