Friday Favorites: Books Set in Space

Soooooooo…a couple weeks ago I did a Top Ten Tuesday post about my favorite Sci Fi books. Which was filled with most of the books that I’d use for this Friday Favorites post. I obviously am very good with planning. So I’m gonna change it up a bit and give you books set in space that I’ll be reading soon that I THINK will become favorites.

Also, this is gonna be a bare bones post because 1. my neighbors are playing basketball (AT 9:45PM) and every bounce of the ball is reverberating through my very soul and 2. I have fake nails from my friend’s wedding last week still on and it is REALLY hard to type with these damn things. *sigh* I’m gonna get my blogging game back in shape soon, I swear!

What are some of your favorite books set in space?

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Hi there! I'm Kibby, a 30ish year old book devourer, living in Northern California! When not reading I am writing about demon hunters, rewatching Great British Bake Off and Doctor Who too much, and lamenting over the lack of appreciation for Rogue One. I am also a #bookstagrammer under the IG handle of somethingofthebook.

3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Books Set in Space

  1. Great list! Lunar made it onto mine too 🙂 The Loneliest Girl in the Universe is on my shelf and I feel like I need to read it ASAP. Or just more space books in general 😂


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