Want Now Wednesday: A Golden Fury

You know that feeling when you hear about a new book and you NEED IT NOW, but the release date is more than a year away? Yeah, welcome to this week’s entry in Want Now Wednesday.

A Golden Fury
Samantha Cohoe
Publisher: Wednesday Books
Release Date: October 2020
Synopsis: Is it science or magic? Power or possession?


With Europe in the throes of revolution, a teenage alchemist is on the verge of a discovery that will change the course of history. But the cost may be her own mind….

Y’all this one doesn’t have a final cover or final release date and I AM ALREADY DYING FOR IT! The synopsis may be brief, but my interest is so piqued over just the little bit of info we have. Science, magic, power, possession! THROES OF REVOLUTION! I just…NEED THIS. Immediately. Please?

A Golden Fury will be released by Wednesday books in October 2020. Sadly, it is too early for pre-order links, but you can check out the author’s website where I’m sure there will be pre-order links available in the future.

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