Friday Favorites: Favorite Tropes

Before I get into the depths of my trope love, I wanted to let y’all know that the Friday Favorites list of topics has been updated through the rest of the YEAR! That’s right! I am a slacker no longer! Also, if you ever have an idea of a Friday Favorites topic you’d like to do, shoot me a message! I’ll add it to my list for next year and give you credit for the topic!

Okay, let’s talk tropes!

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Friday Favorites: Summer Reads

Hello, hello, and happy Friday to you all! Well, I’m hoping fore a happy Friday at least. I find out tonight if I’ll be called in for Jury Duty next week, so I’m putting as many positive vibes out there for NO JURY DUTY ON MONDAY! If I have to go in for Jury Duty on Monday it will throw off my whole work schedule for the week and I’m hoping to avoid that.
But enough about that non-sense, let’s get to the books!

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Friday Favorites: Books Outside My Usual Genre

Hello there, my dear bookish people! Somehow, it is once again Friday and I am here with another Friday Favorites post! This week has been spectacularly weird and chaotic for me (started a new work schedule, had to take my roommate’s dog to the emergency vet hospital, and found out I have to go a legal hearing, OH MY!), so I once again come to this post unprepared. But somehow, my brain has not completely failed me and I’ve got some random genre favorites to share!

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Friday Favorites: Books about rebellion/freedom

As I write this post, 4th of July is upon me and my neighborhood. To distract me from anxiety inducing noises (Was that a gunshot? Is my neighbor going to accidentally set my house on fire because they are drunk and don’t know firework safety? How is my dog handling this better than me?), I’m bringing you my favorite book series about rebellion/freedom.

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Friday Favorites: Books Set in Space

Soooooooo…a couple weeks ago I did a Top Ten Tuesday post about my favorite Sci Fi books. Which was filled with most of the books that I’d use for this Friday Favorites post. I obviously am very good with planning. So I’m gonna change it up a bit and give you books set in space that I’ll be reading soon that I THINK will become favorites.

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Friday Favorites: Character Deaths

*nervous laughter* Oh, so it’s Friday? I definitely didn’t almost forget to post for the weekly blog that I host. Definitely not. I just got back today from a very lovely, yet very exhausting trip to see my best friend get married. And tomorrow is the massive party/reception. Basically, this post is going to be short because this blogger needs a full night of sleep to prepare for all the extroverting I’m going to be doing tomorrow.

There is nothing I like more than a good character death. The more tragic, the better. I’m a terrible person ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

FYI: this post contians spoilers for Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Nevernight, and the Mistborn Trilogy.

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Friday Favorites: Books Set In High School

Happiest of Fridays, my dear bookish friends! Today we are looking at our favorite books set in high school. Look, high school was not the best time for a lot of people, myself included, but some of my favorite books of all time are set in high schools. I’ve got some old school goodies on this list, so I am terribly interested to see if there is any crossover of my list with others participating in FF this week!

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Friday Favorites: Urban Fantasy

Happy Friday, my dear bookish people! I was looking at the Friday Favorite Prompts for the month of June and I realized that I LOVE all of these prompts so darn much! They hit on a lot of my favorite kind of bookish moments/settings/tropes. I must have subconsciously set it up that way because I kinda hate June (it’s the beginning of me slowly dying of heat) and would need something to keep me happy. So, without further ado, let’s jump into this week’s favorites!

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Friday Favorites: Classic Books

Oh hello, Friday! Where did you come from? I’ve had a short work week, so my days are all thrown off. Today feels like my Wednesday, but also, holy heck am I glad it’s Friday because it has been a Week ™. But I am here today to talk to you about my favorite classic books. Well, my FAVORITE classic book. Singular. Because I’m about to hit you with a hugely underrated classic book and it’s not one written by an Austen or Brontë.

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