A Look Back at 2018 and a Look Forward to 2019

2018 was the year I truly immersed myself into the bookish community online. I gained traction with my #bookstagram account and started this blog. I learned the true value in books reviews and started reviewing regularly. I made more friends this year than I think I’ve ever made in my whole life. This was a year of so many books. So. Many. Books.

2018 Bookstagram Stats
Bookstagram Posts: 452
Likes Received: 138.8k (WHAT????? HOW???? WHAT????)
Followers Gained: 3,720 (Again, WHAT????? HOW???? WHAT????)

2018 Goodreads Stats
# of Books Read: 65. My goal was 100, so I obviously failed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
# of Pages Read: 26,540
Shortest Book Read: Sugar Spells by Lola Dodge (270 pages)
Longest Book Read: Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson (1,248 pages)
My First Review of the Year: Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff (this was also my favorite read of the year!)
My Five Star Reads of the 2018 (not including rereads): Illuminae. The City of Brass, Queen of Air and Darkness, The Afterlife of Holly Chase, Kingdom of Ash, The Confectioner’s Guild, The Last Namsara, The Wicked King, LIFEL1K3, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Days of Blood and Starlight, Vicious

Looking at 2019, I have plans and goals. Which is not something I usually have. I’m aiming to continue my growth in the online bookish community because my first year here has given me such joy. But I also want to focus on my reading, because all my bookish social media focus has taken me away from actually reading. So, here are my bookish goals/resolutions:

  • Actually read 100 books – Last year, my Goodreads reading challenge was 100 books and I only got to 65. I am DETERMINED to not fail again. I’ll be trying to read more short stories and graphic novels this year, so that should hopefully help me hit my goal. I’ve also joined Beat the Backlist 2019, hosted over at NovelKnight, so that should also help keep me on track.
  • Lessen book buying and mostly read books that I already own – I just finished inventorying my owned books a couple hours ago. Of the 633 books I own, 398 are unread. That’s 63% darn percent unread! While I know I can’t truly topple my TBR, I can make a sizable dent in it if I curb my book buying.
  • Read more at home instead of re-watching Great British Bake Off for the hundredth time – I tend to do most of my reading during my lunch break at work. So that’s just under an hour, 5 days a week. While that is good, it’s not enough for me. I need to focus on reading again and turn off my darn TV.
  • Get better at reviewing – I’m new to the review game and I can tell that my reviews need work. I need to find my own style, my own voice, within my reviews. When I first started this blog I had the idea of audio reviews, but short ones, like a quick review/recommendation similar to how I’d recommend a book to a friend or someone asking about a particular book. Maybe I’ll start that up this year…

So, cheers to the new year and all the good things, bookish and not, that I hope it brings! And now, as is one of my resolutions, I need to go read!

In which I am not surprised it took me this long to do a first post…

Well, here we are. Darn near a month after starting my blog and I haven’t posted at all. But that all changes today, folks! Because here I am, posting things.

First, a bit of an introduction.

My name is Kibby and I am a bookaholic. I like reading books, sure. But I also love looking at them, photographing them, buying them in excess, and talking about them whenever humanly possible. I eventually found my way to #bookstagram, where I truly found my book people.

However, Instagram has a 2,200-character limit on captions, and as you’ll soon learn, I am wordy AF. If something can be said in 10 words, I’ll say it in 30 and probably go off on at least one tangent. Though, if I’m in a bad mood I communicate through glares and pointed silence. It’s all about balance with me. All of this is to say, I decided to start a blog to accommodate my desire for more space for my words.

So, what am I planning to do with this unlimited space for my wordiness? Reviews mostly, specifically reviews of Science Fiction and Fantasy books. A majority will be written reviews, but I’m hoping to do some audio reviews. Think of a quick rambling review, like how you’d do a review/recommendation to a friend or someone on the street who asked about a book you are reading. Side note: why don’t more random people who talk to me in public ask about books? I’m much more likely to converse if it’s about books.

Along with reviews, I am also hoping to help promote new books that fall into my preferred genres. My blog is small right now, but I have an ever growing #bookstagram account and I’ll be doing reviews/promotions tag team style with that account. I’ll be posting information about how I’ll take review requests, should any every come my way, in the near future. All I know is that right now I’m only taking SF/F books.

For good measure, there will also be random posts about Doctor Who (Where my Whovians at??), whatever TV show I am obsessing about, maybe some WIP snippets, and anything else I think may be interesting.

TL;DR: Basically, I’m Kibby. I like books. I’m going to talk about books. Maybe I can read your book. Books.

Until next time, which I swear will be sooner rather than later, I wish you a fantastic day and fantastic reading!

There’s something of the book about you…

I’ve been wanting to start a bookish blog for quite some time and today just happened to be the day I made the leap!

More content to follow soon! I just had to get it started so I would have a reason to stop putting this off.

I’ll have book reviews and lots of general bookish ramblings! In the mean time, if you have a #bookstagram account follow me at https://www.instagram.com/somethingofthebook/

“We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?” – The Eleventh Doctor

– Kibby