Friday Favorites!

Hello, hello, hello! And welcome to Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites was born out of a love for lists, books, and positive thinking! I was inspired to host this weekly meme from That Artsy Reader Girl, who hosts Top Ten Tuesday (which is an awesome weekly blog meme that y’all should check out!). I kept thinking of list topics I wanted to explore with my blog, thus Friday Favorites was ushered into this bookish world.

How to participate: Below is the list of topics, all of which are book or literary related in some way and which will be updated throughout the year (I’ll try to keep at least a month worth of prompts up so you can pre-write your posts). Each Friday, post your list of favorites, per the topic, to your blog (or #bookstagram). I’d love if you linked back to this post, so people could find the topic list if they are interested, but this is all for fun so really, I just want you to enjoy creating your favorites list. You can have one favorite or 13 favorites or however many favorites you feel like on your lists! Also, you can do your most favorite or least favorite for the topics!

I typically will make a link list at the bottom of my Friday Favorites post with all the Friday Favorites posts I can find, but I know I miss some. If you want to drop your post link in the comment I’ll definitely know to add it to my list! Though I should add the caveat that I don’t always post the link list, because let’s face it: life sometimes gets in the way of blogging. HOW DARE! I do try my hardest though!

Now to the fun part: THE TOPICS LIST!

July 26th: Favorite Tropes
August 2: Favorite Sequels
August 9: Favorite Books that Define You
August 16: Favorite Underrated Books
August 23: Favorite Nerdy Characters
August 30: Favorite Books You Read in School
September 6: Favorite Side Characters
September 13: Favorite Unfinished Series (either you haven’t read all the books or series that aren’t complete yet)
September 20: Favorite Autumn Reads
September 27: Favorite Words
October 4: Favorite Characters that Other People Hate
October 11: Favorite Books from Childhood
October 18: Favorite Villains
October 25: Favorite Magic Wielders
November 1: Favorite Vampires (or other supernatural creature)
November 8: Favorite Inspiring Characters
November 15: Favorite Hyped Books
November 22: Favorite Character Teams Ups
November 29: Favorites Books that Make You Thankful to be a Reader
December 6: Favorite Book Covers of 2019
December 13: Favorite New to Me Authors in 2019
December 20: Favorite 2019 Releases
December 27: Favorite Reads of 2019

Past Topics:

January 4: First book in a series
January 11: Epic Journeys
January 18: Old School YA books (YA release before 2000)
January 25: Teacher/Mentor Characters
February 1: Books to re-read
February 8: Fictional Couples
February 15: Confessions of Love
February 22: Book Boyfriends/Girlfriends
March 1: TBR Books (we all have those books on our TBR that we know will be favorites, but just sit on our TBR forever)
March 8: TV Shows to watch when not reading
March 15: Albums or songs to listen to while reading
March 22: Fictional Friendships
March 29: Plot Twists
April 5: Fictional Criminals
April 12: Magic Systems
April 19: Fictional Worlds
April 26: Movie or TV adaptations
May 3: Books to recommend
May 10: Books that were recommended to you
May 17: Things about being a reader
May 24: Diverse Books
May 31: Classic Books
June 7: Urban Fantasy books
June 14: Books set in High School
June 21: Character Deaths
June 28: Books Set in Space
July 5th: Books about rebellion/freedom
July 12th: Books outside your usual genre
July 19th: Summer Reads

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via my contact page! I’m excited to see all the lists y’all come up with! HAPPY FRIDAY!