King of Scars: Book Review

While King of Scars didn’t land true for me, it is still filled with the beautiful writing and character building that we have come to expect from Bardugo.
3.75 Stars

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Friday Favorites: Underrated Books

Hello my dear book people! It’s been a Week™, so let’s welcome this Friday in with a round of applause!

Today we talk our favorite underrated books and oh my, do I have a few for you!

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Falling Kingdoms: Book Review

Over dramatic, yet enthralling, Falling Kingdoms is a YA mashup of Game of Thrones and mid-day soap operas. And I mean that in both a good and bad way.
Rating: 3 stars

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Friday Favorites: Books That Define Me

Well, hey, look at that! It’s Friday again! When the heck did that happen? This week’s top is Favorite Books that Define You. I can’t wait to see other people’s FF posts because I love seeing what books compose people’s souls. So, let’s dive right into the murky darkness of my soul, shall we?

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The Backlist: Mistborn Era 2

The Era 2 books of the Mistborn series are as close to perfection as one can get to in storytelling. Any Mistborn fans who skip the Era 2 books are depriving themselves of some of the best dry humor, classic Sanderson heartbreaking plot twists, and a cast of fantastically built characters, specifically, the best character of all time: Wayne. You’ll thank me when you meet him.
Rating: 5 stars

FYI: This is a general review of the series as a whole and is SPOILER FREE!

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