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Cfs Is a Call for Soulwork

Cfs Is a Call for Soulwork

Author: Gretchen Brooks Nassar

Publisher: Cold Tree Press

ISBN: 1583850716

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 337

View: 817

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By a CFS Sufferer.For a CFS Sufferer . Live well in the midst of CFS . Easy-to-Read, even for the "foggy-minded" CFS Sufferer . Resource-Full! Fact Sheet, checklist, remedies, readings, & suggested tests "CFS is a Call for Soulwork" is a deeply profound gift to the CFS sufferer in search of hope, understanding, and, above all, caring. Gretchen Brooks Nassar shares a heart and spirit-centered approach to healing, in language that is intimate, insightful, and reader-friendly. A CFS sufferer herself, Gretchen articulates her intensely painful and personal experiences, sharing how to see: the teacher in the illness experience; embrace illness; decide to heal, and learn to "be." Abundant in wisdom, and broadly based in its alternative approach to healing, this is a book destined to help you, the CFS sufferer, turn from victim to victor!

Lighting Up a Hidden World

Lighting Up a Hidden World

Author: Valerie Free

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781460280508

Category: Chronic fatigue syndrome

Page: 516

View: 523

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The onset can be fast and shocking or slow and insidious. It can happen to anyone at any age. A flu, a vaccination, or an infection can be the innocent beginnings to the potentially life-long and disabling illness called myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), which is more commonly known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or ME/CFS in North America. In the mid 1980s, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was called in by concerned doctors who were witnessing an influx of patients with a mysterious illness. Eventually the CDC labeled the condition "chronic fatigue syndrome" which turned out to be very misleading. Decades later, in 2016, health agencies are finally beginning to agree with international experts that ME/CFS is a serious, chronic, multi-system illness. Through artwork, poetry, story-telling, and meticulous research, Lighting Up a Hidden World: CFS and ME takes readers into the fascinating, yet frightening, landscape of ME/CFS. Author Valerie Free shares her personal experiences and delivers illuminating first-hand perspectives from patients, caregivers, journalists, and medical professionals from within the global community in short easy-to-read segments. These stories reveal the disgrace, controversy, and tragedy of worldwide neglect by political and health care systems, leaving ME/CFS research underfunded and millions of people marginalized, sick, and socially unsupported. Lighting Up a Hidden World: CFS and ME advocates for those too ill to speak out, abounds with patient resources, and offers realistic hope for the future. People living with this illness, along with their family and friends, will find compassion and camaraderie in its pages. This book reaches beyond the ME/CFS community exposing the themes of human suffering, resilience, and the need for social change.