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Managing Agriculture for a Better Tomorrow

Managing Agriculture for a Better Tomorrow

Author: D. C. Pande

Publisher: M.D. Publications Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 8175330678

Category: Agricultural innovations

Page: 468

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Agricultural Management in India' Is an edited volume on Indian agriculture having a collection of 27 papers contributed by the distinguished scholars and the scientists. It is a thematic study involving the diagnostic as well as the prognostic aspects of Indian agriculture with a view to project its complex nature and indentify the quarters of future change. In order to facilitate analytical reading the book divides itself into six sections. The provides statistical, analytical and scientific information in regard of agricultural practices of India. It is hoped that it will prove immensely useful for the researchers, intellectuals and policy makers and a milestone in the treatises on Indian Agriculture.

Regional Development and Public Policy Challenges in India

Regional Development and Public Policy Challenges in India

Author: Rakhee Bhattacharya

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9788132223467

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 331

View: 254

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This book emphasizes the need for experimenting with more deliberate and rigorous policy processes to attain balanced regional development, which can promote both equity and efficiency in India’s development discourse. The institutional mechanisms for dealing with regional imbalance in India have not been very successful so far. With rising discrepancies in development, demand for autonomy continues along with a new dimension of regionalism arising from submerged identity along with political and economic aspirations, which demanded new channels for solution. So far, attempts to create space for autonomy have possibly not optimally accommodated the conceptual mechanisms like equity and democratic process. Thus democratizing policy process using six pillars of voice: knowledge, objective, fundamental values, implementation framework and public awareness can ensure a better policy outcome for dealing with the persistent challenges of regional disparity in India. This book further focuses on the need for democratizing the policy process for regional development through discussion and inclusion. Such a transition needs innovation in policy regime, which can be attained through following six pillars (i) Democratic voice of stakeholders in policy development and implementation; (ii) Clear policy objectives that advance the common good, based on voice; (iii) Unbiased, sound and comprehensive knowledge and data bases. (iv) Consistency with constitutional values; (v) A sound implementation framework ensuring user-friendliness, transparency and rationality of decision-making processes, effective grievance redress, clear accountability and independent evaluation; (vi) Public awareness and support of policies with relevant and public participation in implementation.