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Never at Rest

Never at Rest

Author: Richard S. Westfall

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107392793

Category: Technology & Engineering


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This richly detailed 1981 biography captures both the personal life and the scientific career of Isaac Newton, presenting a fully rounded picture of Newton the man, the scientist, the philosopher, the theologian, and the public figure. Professor Westfall treats all aspects of Newton's career, but his account centres on a full description of Newton's achievements in science. Thus the core of the work describes the development of the calculus, the experimentation that altered the direction of the science of optics, and especially the investigations in celestial dynamics that led to the law of universal gravitation.

The West Indian Reports

The West Indian Reports



ISBN: UCAL:$B816189

Category: Law reports, digests, etc

Page: 624

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These Reports cover cases decided in the Courts of Appeal and Supreme Courts of the various territories listed ... below [Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies Associated States] and the Privy Council on appeal from the aforementioned Courts.

Regulating the Use of Force in International Law

Regulating the Use of Force in International Law

Author: Russell Buchan

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1786439913


Page: 264

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This book provides a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the nature, content and scope of the rules regulating the use of force in international law as they are contained in the United Nations Charter, customary international law and international jurisprudence. The book's scope is broad and covers the prohibition on the threat or use of force; the use of force in self-defence; the use of force as part of the United Nations collective security system; the use of force by regional organisations; the use of force in peacekeeping operations; the use of force for humanitarian purposes; the use of force by invitation; armed reprisals; the use of force by and against non-State actors; and the use of force in cyberspace. The book takes an insightful look at the rules regulating the use of force as they are called upon to apply to changing and challenging circumstances such as the emergence of non-State actors, security risks, new technologies and moral considerations. Its arguments balance the interests of stability and change in order to enhance international law's regulatory potential regarding the use of force. This book is an important resource for students and scholars of international law, the use of force and collective security and for practitioners involved in the interpretation and application of these legal frameworks.