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The Little Book of Fashion Law

The Little Book of Fashion Law

Author: Ursula Furi-Perry


ISBN: 1627221115

Category: Law

Page: 0

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Divided into four seasons and discussing more than 30 cases concerning some of the most recognizable names in the business, The Little Book of Fashion Law looks at the many issues of this fascinating legal arena, including Fashion Law and Intellectual Property, Business, Trade, Litigation, Consumer Protection and more! Explore the glamour and grit of the fashion world in this fun look at the stories behind the dresses, sunglasses, perfumes, and handbags.

The Little Book of Coffee Law

The Little Book of Coffee Law

Author: Carol Robertson

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 1604429852

Category: Coffee

Page: 292

View: 444

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"The history and the business of coffee are the stories that this book will tell, through the lens of the law--that is, through legal cases involving the production, distribution, marketing, and sale of coffee in the Americas during a brief moment in coffee history--from the early days of the new Republic of the United States to the present"--Introduction, p. xiii.



Author: Stephanie Simons

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781629149028

Category: Self-Help

Page: 208

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Chic-tionary is a darling little dictionary of fashion and beauty words you never knew existed. It takes its inspiration from the peculiar and amusing language of fashion people like Tyra Banks (smize), Man Repeller (arm party), and André Leon Tally (dreckitude), and contains more than two hundred made-up acronyms, abbreviations, and afflictions that are certain to leave an indelible glitter stain on the English language. Have you ever tried something on at a department store without bothering to hang it back up (fit it then quit it)? Or been saved by a Sephora when a last-minute invitation strikes and you’re without makeup (serendipretty)? Are you a dark-haired maiden who’s tired of letting blondes believe they have more fun (brunetiquette)? Other terminally chic terminology includes: accessorcism What needs to happen when you feel possessed to wear every piece of jewelry you own, all at once. bangover The morning-after remorse that occurs after getting bangs that are too short and don’t behave. dresspassing When another woman invades your territory by showing up in the same dress as you. fête-abolism The phenomenon in which calories consumed while standing and making small talk at a fête don’t count. ideal body weight Bradley Cooper on top of you. prisoner of wardrobe What you become when you turn down an invitation. . . . And more!

European Fashion Law

European Fashion Law

Author: Rosie Burbidge

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781788113014

Category: LAW

Page: 448

View: 243

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European Fashion Law: A Practical Guide from Start-up to Global Success provides an accessible guide to the legal issues associated with running a fashion business in Europe. This concise book follows the lifecycle of a fashion business from protecting initial designs through to global expansion.

The Little Book of the Icelanders

The Little Book of the Icelanders

Author: Alda Sigmundsdóttir

Publisher: Little Books Publishing

ISBN: 9781970125153

Category: Social Science

Page: 125

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After more than 20 years away, Alda Sigmundsdottir returned to her native Iceland as a foreigner. With a native person's insight yet an outsider's perspective, Alda quickly set about dissecting the national psyche of the Icelanders. This second edition, from 2018, contains new and updated chapters from the original edition, reflecting the changes in Icelandic society and among the Icelandic people since the book was first published in 2012. Among the fascinating subjects broached in The Little Book of the Icelanders: • The appalling driving habits of the Icelanders • Naming conventions and customs • The Icelanders’ profound fear of commitment • The Icelanders’ irreverence • Why Icelandic women are really men • How the Icelanders manage to make social interactions really complicated • The importance of the family in Icelandic society • Where to go to meet the real Icelanders (and possibly score some free financial advice) • Rituals associated with the most important life events (weddings, confirmations, graduations, and deaths) ... and many more. One chapter leads to the next, creating a continuous chain of storytelling. It feels as if you’re sitting in the author’s kitchen, enjoying a cup of coffee and conversing with her about the quirks of her countrymen, every now and then bursting out laughing. [...] I’m going to heartily recommend The Little Book of the Icelanders, both to fans of Sigmundsdóttir’s blog and those unfamiliar with her work. - Iceland Review Online There aren’t many books I’d recommend reading over morning coffee but The Little Book of the Icelanders is one of them. [...] I laughed at the essays in this book, not because I was laughing at Icelanders but because I recognize much of the behavior in myself and members of my family. It felt good. It’s not just the sanest, most impressive characteristics that we pass on and share but also some of the zaniest. As I read this book, I frequently thought, yup, I’m definitely part Icelandic. - Lögberg-Heimskringla, Canada Excerpt "Even though they live on the edge of the inhabitable world with engulfing darkness for several months of the year, the Icelanders continue to score among the most optimistic people in the world. Is it the fish? The fresh air? The cod liver oil? Natural selection? The copious amounts of anti-depressants they consume? Nobody really knows. However, one thing is sure: this character trait serves Icelanders well and has helped the nation cope with innumerable shocks, from volcanic eruptions to famines, to a massive economic crisis. Whatever happens, you can be sure that the Icelanders will seek the silver lining and soldier on, firmly believing that things will soon get better. Indeed it is fascinating to observe how the Icelanders deal with trauma at a national level. Their initial reaction always seems to be to bond together. People who on regular days will bicker and quarrel amongst themselves, suddenly become enormously supportive of each other. I’ve seen this happen in the aftermath of disasters such as snow avalanches and volcanic eruptions, or tragedies that capture the nation’s attention. Take, for example, the economic meltdown of 2008, which for the Icelanders was one of the most catastrophic events in recent history. Many people feared an onslaught of suicides in the wake of all the bankruptcies that ensued. Yet it turned out that the number of suicides actually declined. According to the Directorate of Health, it was because the nation had bonded together, and people were closer and more supportive of each other than they had been in a very long time. In other words, the optimism is probably a long-term survival strategy. After all, through the centuries of hardship and geographical isolation that the Icelandic nation has endured, defeat was not an option – it was stand together, fight together, or die."

The Little Book Of Philosophy

The Little Book Of Philosophy

Author: Andre Comte-Sponville

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781448113859

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 176

View: 998

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In this remarkable little book, Andre Comte-Sponville introduces the reader to the western philosophical tradition in a series of sparkling chapters on the 'big questions'. In doing so he reveals the essential bones of philosophical thought and shows why philosophy is relevant in our day-to-day lives. In his brilliant and concise writing on morality, politics, love, death, knowledge, freedom, God, atheism, art, time, Man, and wisdom, he inspires the central question of philosophy - how should we live? - and provides the reader with signposts towards a happier, wiser life.

The Little Book of Anger

The Little Book of Anger

Author: Martin Wilson

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781780888293

Category: Humor

Page: 172

View: 118

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The Little Book of Anger is a diatribe about many of the aggravating and irrational aspects of modern life, but done with much humour, a certain amount of research and a great deal of observation and some ill-suppressed exasperation.

The Little Book of Politics

The Little Book of Politics

Author: DK

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 9780241521014

Category: Political Science

Page: 478

View: 747

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This ebook is the perfect introduction to politics and political thought throughout history. From the origins of democracy to Machiavelli's cunning statecraft, and from Rousseau's "social contract" to the American Declaration of Independence, Marxist communism, the dawn of populism, and identity politics, The Little Book of Politics examines the philosophies behind the different political beliefs and methods of government used around the world over the course of human history. Includes infographics and flowcharts that explain complex concepts in a simple but exciting way, The Little Book of Politics offers you a combination of clear text and hard-working infographics in a portable format that is perfect for reading on the go.

The Little Book of Puppy Love

The Little Book of Puppy Love

Author: Jennifer Basye Sander

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781488076763

Category: Pets


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A heartwarming collection of stories about the dogs, cats and pets who have touched the lives of those around them Sometimes, animals come into our lives just when we need them most. In these true stories about the powerful connections between people and pets, Jo Coudert and Jennifer Basye Sander uncover the simple joys of loving and being loved by our four-legged companions. In this book you’ll meet the German shepherd with a special sense for comforting the sick; the loyal dog who risks his own life to rescue a drowning boy; the troublesome rabbit who warms her way into a new family; the chatty parrot who brings joy to the home of a lonely widow; the abandoned horse and foster child who rescue each other; and many, many more. These animals don’t just bring us comfort—they save our lives. Coudert and Sander celebrate the everyday miracles that happen when we form bonds with animals. This new edition combines two charming collections—The Dog Who Healed a Family and The Dog with the Old Soul —into one beautiful gift-worthy hardcover package.

The Little Book of Jack the Ripper

The Little Book of Jack the Ripper

Author: The Whitechapel Society

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 9780750958905

Category: True Crime

Page: 128

View: 234

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Did you know? *Annie Chapman’s uterus and Mary Jane Kelly’s heart were removed by the killer *A prince of England is amongst the suspects *Some believe the killings were covered up by the Masons The Jack the Ripper mystery is one of the greatest whodunnits the world has ever known. With a backdrop of swirling fog, top hats and dark alleys, it is easy to see why this fascinating tale still continues to capture the imagination. The Little Book of Jack the Ripper explores the world of Victorian London, examining the case from every angle and including witness statements, reports and the reactions of the press. Richly illustrated, it is a book that you can dip in and out of during the twilight hours (but only if you’re brave enough!). Compiled by the Whitechapel Society and drawing on their incredible expertise, it will delight true-crime enthusiasts everywhere.