Review Policies

I am currently accepting books for reviewing (contact form below). However, below are my guidelines:


  • I will only be reviewing Science Fiction and/or Fantasy (YA or adult) books at this time.
  • I prefer print books, but am willing to accept ebooks. It legitimately takes me longer to read ebooks and print books are easier on my eyes.
  • My reviews will be posted on this blog, my #bookstagram page (Instagram), and GoodReads. Reviews will also be posted on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, however, if the book is an ARC I will not be able to post reviews there until the release date.
  • When sending a review request, please let me know if you have a time frame you need the review done by. I have a fairly busy reading schedule but I try to fit in as many review books as possible.
  • Last, but not at all least, I reserve the right to say no to your book. Some books just might not sound like a story I will like and that is not a slight against you or the book. I will always be courteous in my communications (I’m a Hufflepuff, it’s how I roll) and I expect the same from anyone contacting me.

How I Rate Books:

Here’s the deal: I read books to escape and as entertainment. My reviews will sometimes be based solely on my entertainment or sometimes based on more critical aspects (i.e. writing style, character growth, etc.), it really just depends on the story. Some of my favorite books are ones that I acknowledge have writing flaws, but I can’t help but give them 5 stars because I was so intrigued the whole time.

In general, here is a break down of what a starred rating means to me:


1 star: This book did not work for me for whatever reason.
2 star: I didn’t completely hate it, but I certainly didn’t love it.
3 star: I liked it.
4 star: This book was pretty damn good.
5 star: I LOVED this book and did not want to put it down.

Did Not Finish (DNF):

I will, with every fiber of my being, attempt to never DNF a book that was sent to me from an author for review. HOWEVER, if a book is just absolutely not working for me and it becomes a burden to read, I will stop. Life is too short to read books that make me not want to read. But, as stated above, I will endeavor to always complete my read gifted review books.


All of this being said, I also reserve the right to change these policies at any time. Because I do what I want.


Request a review:

Please fill out the contact form below to send a request for review.